Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Something else I have been working on

Robin (From Robn's Nest) recruited me into making a sock and Fingerless mitt club

inaugural From Robin's Nest Sock and Fingerless Mitt Club!

**Theme: The four seasons**
This club has designers and indie dyers found here on Rav.
**winter: January 2010**
sock design telmahq
mitt design: Knitasaur
dyer: Jaylyn
**Spring: April 2010**
sock designer: meplz
mitt designer Snapper
dyer twilightknits
**Summer: July 2010**
sock designer Hunter
mitt designer MsChris
dyer: theCraftsMeow
**Fall: October 2010**
sock design: nano514
mitt design stefaniegr
dyer yohopaulie

We have are just about ready to take orders on the sock/mitt
club contact fromrobinsnest (ravname) to order, I think she will have it on her website soon. We will have limited spaces, but will try to take as many people into the club as we can.

You can choose to go either with the sock portion, the mitt portion, or both.

Sock club: $220
Mitt club: $120
Together: $300 and you get a box bag and $40 off

both kits will come with yarn and pattern and a seasonal goody bag that will most likely contain stitch markers and something else seasonally related)

Pay all upfront and get 10% off and free shipping
or you can pay per season.

I am so excited about this!

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Socks, socks, some more socks, oh and other stuff

I have gotten into sock knitting. I really enjoy it.

I made a pair of Baudelaire socks designed by Cookie A. out of some tofutsie yarn I bought on my birthday.


Then I got the Sock Innovations book by cookie A.
and then I made some Kai-mei socks from that book for a green Knit A Long, using some grasshopper colorway in Knit picks essential kettle dyed.

Then Madeline thought it was high time I knit her some socks, with pockets in them! She earned some cherry tree hill supersock solid in turquoise to match some DC shoes I got her for school next year.


In the midst of all this I was involved in a sock showdown for one of my groups on Ravelry. These are the socks I knit for DJDuckee


I was almost the first to "assassinate" my target, but her mailman was lazy! stupid mailman!

I also received two pair of socks

I got this pair from SusanB-Knits in exchange for making her a crochet hook roll.

I am modeling them with my new pair of converse that I got to wear at the family reunion next week.

I also met my demise in the sock showdown with this beautiful pair of socks.

Well that seems to be all socks, where is the other stuff, you ask? I have to say that's a good question. I did start another clapotis made with wollmeise yarn that belongs to Smurfie, for smurfie. I am about half way though it now. woohoo! I also started another pair of socks and a february lady sweater to work on while at the family reunion.