Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I designed a mitt!

I am so excited. I designed a fingerless mitt with some of the traditional Norwegian knitting elements that you find in Selbuvotter. I have been thinking about this for a long time, because I really like Norwegian mittens, and I like fingerless ones too, so as I haven't seen any in a pattern I made my own. I am actually having it tested by 6 test knitters. I am thinking of putting it up for sale on Ravelry when they're done, or maybe even a free down load, I haven't decided.

I finished the larger size, which is way too big for me, now I am working on the smaller size, which I will probably end up giving to my mother.

men's starmitt

I am very excited, I have never made a pattern to have people test before. It's sort of cool.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Promotional announcement

I made another project bag, this one has the pockets in the contrasting color.
I am thinking of doing a promotional give away with my etsy. I will give you a free gift with purchase for each purchase of $8 or more on my etsy site

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Project bag

I spent a good part of the day, putting together a project bag that I was designing in my head the other day.

It is reversible, and features pockets on both inside and out, as well as a tab to hold your work in progress from shifting. A cord to cinch closed with a button, and a silver tone key loop with a screw open section to secure the cord to whatever you wish.

the base is about 8 inches square, and the sides are about 8 inches tall. It holds quite a bit for the size.

This design is featured in a ladybug motif with red yellow and white.

I am trying to figure out pricing to put it in my etsy.


I also made a matching notions pouch

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

14 year anniversary

I did get some knitting done today. We went to see The Hulk movie, and I knit durring the previews, then just kept it going durring the movie, as I was doing a hat, and it was just stockingette on a round needle. No thinking or looking involved.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Update because of lazy blogging

Since school is out, and I am allowing the kids to sleep in today, I can update my knitting blog on some of the things I have done since the orangesicle purse.

I did three more test knits. One for Ganiggle, a beautiful fingerless mitt with cute little leaves around the cuff. She called it Eden. She currently has her designs for sale on her website . I also tested several versions of Knitasaur's cable mitts. I tested her size (which fits my two oldest daughters), my size and a large size short version as the original version goes to the elbow.

I also tested for Zortified, who was making a free ravelry download. His mitts, ended up being knit with yarn he donated to the secret spring angel's project. We had a secret spring swap, a few months ago, where people signed up to receive and send either yarn and a pattern, or a pair of mitts knit by someone else. I sent and received mine, but there were a couple people who either had bad swap partners, or the postal system ate their packages. So it was secretly organized to make sure those who haven't received a package would. I said I would knit, someone else donated yarn. So I killed two birds with one stone, test knit, and used them to send to the lucky/unlucky recipient. I have sent, but haven't heard if she likes them or not.

I have also been dabbling into making project bags and stitch markers. Both were pretty well received on Karma yarn swap, so I felt encouraged to open an etsy store, as mentioned in the previous post. I have had my first sale, by the way. A set of stitch markers. Ironically it was purchased by someone who's pattern I was interested in purchasing, so it all worked out. :D

I am currently working on a chemo cap for my neighbor. Several people from the school, and from the preschool (where both of us have daughters attending) have organized a gift basket schedule for this summer, while she undergoes Chemo. I was just doing things as I had time, but I signed up to do a basket in August. I thought I would throw in some hats for her, and maybe a hat or two for her daughters (they won't be appreciated in the summer, but maybe in the winter). I tried one pattern for the hat with yarn I received from karma yarn swap, but didn't like how both went together. so I found another pattern, from another member of Karma Yarn swap, who designed it for herself when she went through chemo (and she's very young).

So now for pictures.

These are Eden, I made with cotton finger weight yarn, which made it not really stretchy enough for my fat hands, they fit Madeline though.

These are the first, smaller version, of the long braided mitts I tested.
I think Isabelle claimed them.

These are the ziggy zaggy ones I tested for zortified, that were sent to someone else.
these are the long braided in my size made from the ever popular Malabrigo yarn, which I received in my chunky monkey swap package.

These are the cabely short ones in large. I used artyyarn that I got from karma yarn swap, which didn't quite make it to finish both mitts, so I found another coordinating skein that I will do the top ribbing in, on both, I hope they look ok, when I finish.

these were my very first two project bags. Reversible, with cord stops on nylon cord. My first couple bags were very desirable on Karma Yarn swap. I have made a few more since, and put them in my etsy store. I know they aren't as big or fancy as some that I have seen, but I am thinking of making them with a row counter instead of the cord stop in the future. I like the reversible quality, so probably won't make the type with a pocket. The caribeaner idea isn't bad though. If I could find some inexpensive ones.

These are the latest stitch markers I made, but traded on karma yarn swap.
I think I am finally getting the technique down.

Sorry for the long picture heavy post, I hope to be better this summer.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

What was I thinking

I opened an etsy store.... I just have some project bags in it now, but maybe more stuff later.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Still alive, just busy

I have been doing some knitting, but have been too busy to post, will try this week some time.