Monday, September 15, 2008

Winding into the wind

I hope that isn't like spitting into the wind....

Anyway, I finally finished about half of the stockings I have been asked to make.


I need to get busy on the ones for my friend Sherri. She needs to send them to UK, so I need to get them done before the end of October.

I am also thinking about what knitting projects to take with me on the drive to Utah.

I think I will start my clapotis, and take that, maybe a branching out in lace weight, and a pair of eden gloves. I was going to make a hat out of chunky yarn, but I don't' have all the right needles to get going on it, so it will have to wait.

Monday, September 08, 2008

What? did someone say something?

Since I am moving in a month or so, I have been a little distracted. Not to say that I dont' knit, I just have a hard time blogging about it, or remembering what I need to do.

I finished my dad's hat and his neck warmer thingy (his belated birthday gifts)

Hat before felting...

the hat after felting.

neck thing
the neck warmer thing...

I also made some gloves for a swap out of alpaca and wool, they are so soft and the designs is from a friend on ravelry. Fun!

The design is called "Always & Forever fingerless mitts" I believe they were designed for someone's wedding, and originally done in white cotton.

I have been sort of depressed about my move, so calling them "Always and Forever Blue" seemed appropriate. They turned out lovely, and the recipient really liked them, so I am happy.