Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Just a reminder that my contest ends tomorrow at midnight. I have quite a few entries that have great ideas, I am either going to have to have my kids vote, or draw them out of a bowl. Thanks for all the responses!

Baby Elephant on it's way to it's new home.

I finally finished the elephant. It was my first one, so probably not as good as some. Still turned out cute.

baby elephant eyebaby elephant topbaby elephant side
I also sent a sweater I knit years ago, but is cute in red and white.

receiving blanket This blanket and burp cloth set.
and a car seat blanket.

I got some yarn in the mail today, this very cute yellow colored worsted super wash wool

yellow swish

So two of my projects are now finished, time to start another. :D

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

more Karma in the Mail

I got a couple more packages yesterday, here is a picture.
more karma

What fun!

I also decided to try and make beaded stitch markers:


Not bad for a first attempt, but still not as good as some.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Chunky Monkey swap

Hand to Hand swap for another group on Ravelry. Here is what I sent, she received it so I am free to post pictures now.
swap stuff

More yarn obsessions

I have gotten a couple packages already from the Karma Yarn Swap group.

KYS gifts
The grey was an addition, when the sender realized that she didn't have two full skeins of the pink she offered. So I got a bonus. Are you noticing any theme here? I seem to claim pink yarn above others. I still have more coming. According to my list I have two different sets of stitch markers coming , some pink vintage yarn, pink acrylic yarn with some Canadian candy, a pattern book, some light pink yarn from a reverse swap (which means I am sending a prize back to the sender--I am making something special), some knit picks pallet, which I don't believe is pink, some swish super wash, not pink, classic elite, which is pink.

I have also sent out the yarn pictured below with the chocolate bar. Two different sets of crochet magazines, some softee yarn, and today I have 4 packages ready to go. Two with Heilo one with some magazines and a skein of thick and quick, and one with some fun fur and some thick and quick. I think I am just about out of things to offer. The baby yarn and beads haven't been claimed so I think they may stay here. Maybe I can throw in a candy bar....

Oh, and I have the ears done on the elephant, just not ON elephant.

Elephant ears

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Karma Yarn Swap

Through the comments of another Raveler I was led to the Karma Yarn Swap group. You offer up an item in your stash, and with the credit of your donation, you can claim someone else's offer. While claiming a couple offers, I have purged my yarn stash of these items.
heilooffwhitered heart light and loftybernatblarney spuncara irish yarn
two of these:sweater kit and this:afghan kit

yay, stash is smaller!

I have a couple items that have not been claimed yet. I am wondering if I will have to change them.
pearlsbaby yarn and booklbhomespunandchocofun and a skein of Lion Brand Jamie classic in light blue.(no picture yet).

I claimed a couple different yarns, some that I have been wanting to get, and some beaded stitch markers. woohoo!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Baby elephant progression

I have been working on an elephant stuffed toy, for a baby gift,

Here are the colors:
elephant colors

Here are the first two legs:
elephant legs

Here are the pieces I finished today:
elephant body and legs

Here is my headless elephant, I don't think I sewed the legs on in great positions, but oh well.

Headless elephant

Friday, April 18, 2008

What would you do with this yarn? (Contest!)

Ok, I have never done this before, but I really thought having a contest on my knitting blog would be fun. I know there are some of us that have a yarn habit, and some of us have a "problem" with "yarn porn" whatever that is. Ok, I have been known to surf the net looking at fibers, and drooling over them, however, I am on a yarn freeze at the moment. I am not buying anymore yarn until I put a sizable dent in my "stash".

Part of my yarn collection I inherited from my grandmother. She has sent me all of her yarn, and unfinished projects. I have several skeins of very vintage yarn. Some of this yarn is the yarn I am featuring for this contest. I will give you as much information about the yarn as I can. Then email ( me your suggestions for the yarn. Please put contest name in subject so I don't delete your email. The winner will either win the yarn (I have 12 of these little buggers, so I can offer up to that much for the winning project), or the object made from the yarn (only if you are a non yarn person). So if you know, please indicate how much yarn would be needed for the project. I would like all entries by May 1, I will try to have the winner announced by the following Monday at the latest.

Ok, here goes:

contest yarn1contest yarn2contest yarn3IMG_0234

Ok, here is what I know about the yarn. It is in 1 oz. skeins, each skein says it is aprox. 60 yards. It is virgin wool, it is a boucle, and it is an off white color. The label states anti stretch, shrink resistant, washable color. It is Spinnerin yarn, no longer for sale or production as far as I know.

I do not know if it will hold a dye if you try to dye it, I do not know the Yarn weight type. This is why I pictured it next to a strand of Cascade 220 worsted to show the size comparison.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Here Snakey Snakey

I finished one snake mitt, the test pattern knitting....
The Dilbert cartoon was offered as a challenge to anyone who wanted to design Snakes for mittens. (To clarify, I did NOT design these, I am only test knitting them).

I think these turned out very cute for a purple snake. Every thing was stuff I had, which makes me very happy. The yarn is Cascade 220 worsted weight wool (which is a joy to work with, for wool), the beads are some that I purchased last year to make holly beads on a Christmas pillow, that hasn't been made yet, and the little bit of red from a skein of cascade that I got for DD2 last year.

I did have to buy US5 double pointed needles. I bought the cheapest set I could find, and they are a little too long... hmm.

Anyway, I was thinking of giving these away when finished, but they are so cute! I may keep them, but when would I ever wear them?

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Some of yesterday's work

I finished sewing these lunch bags for the 6th grade science class. They are going to tie dye them next week I believe.

lunch sacks

I also sat watching a Monk DVD from netflix, waiting for my two oldest daughters to be dropped home from church activities, working on the cabled purse project.

Another project I am working on besides the never ending stocking project is a pair of snake mitts that maerchen, a ravelry member, designed. I am one of several people that offered to test knit it for her.


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

slow knitting day

Yesterday, I did some sewing for My oldest daughter's school. When the kids went to bed, I knit some on the stockings I have orders for. I need to finish up my project for a swap due on May 5, but I am thinking they aren't very good. Oh well. DH has been home the past two days, so I tend to work more on house stuff while he is here, so he doesn't think I am a total slacker.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Using up some stashed yarn

I have a self imposed yarn ban. Meaning I can't buy any yarn until I use some of what I have stashed. I have some strange yarn stashed, as I received it from my grandmother. I really don't mind using it, but that means that I have to find appropriate patterns for the yarn. I have a 2nd Quarter bag swap, and it seemed my intended recipient wouldn't mind a bag made from my strange stash, so I found a pattern and gauged a yarn that I thought was a peachy color, as the recipient likes Orange. As I have been knitting, and I am probably about a 3rd of the way through, my kids tell me that the yarn is hot pink. I still think it is more of a salmon color than pink, but guess I have to be corrected. So as I wait to see if the recipient hates the color, I will post what I have started. If she does hate it, no worries, I think I will like it or one of my girls, and I will find something else for her.
Q2 swap1
Q2 swap2
Q2 swap3
I included a skein of red yarn, and a popular knitting book to give an idea of color....

Any opinions, anyone?

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Projects to be mailed tomorrow

I did two repeats of the lace pattern on this shawl for a recent widow.
Rebekah's shawl
I am sending it to the next person in line tomorrow.
6 inch squares
These are the 6 inch squares for the 3 girls in the other car. They are also being sent out tomorrow.

Monday, April 07, 2008

knitting update

Isabelle wanted something lacy for a future Activity Days Activity. so...

isabelle's frilly
This is the bag I received from my first ever swap...

exchange bagi inside

She made a very cute bag. She asked if I could line it myself. I think I can, I will just have to find some fabric that I think suits it. It is sort of a fancy little bag, maybe something silky/satiny.

Lastly, I have joined another swap, that has a hand theme. I already have the lotion and nail polish, and thought to make some mitts. I am having some trouble making some that I like. These are the "rough draft" so far
The girl they are for is probably a little edgier than I am, so I am worried they are a little too conservative. Oops, I hope she doesn't read this, and ruin her surprise. Oh well, if she does she can tell me if she hates them or not.

I rescued the yarn from a doomed sweater so, I still need to wash them with some fabric softer, and block them a little. I was actually thinking of making some like the ones I made for Isabelle, but a little longer, however, she doesn't like acrylic yarn, which is what the turquoise yarn is, so I didn't want to inflict that upon her....

Friday, April 04, 2008

What have I been knitting?

I finished the two 9 inch squares and sent them off to be assembled into afghans for the two girls that lost their father.

I have also made 3 6 inch squares for the girls in the other car. Two girls lost their mother, and a friend. A very sad situation on all sides. I just wanted to help.

I also made my first pair of real socks. Madeline had originally wanted some really baby looking yarn, but I Veto'd that, and said this was ok. Sort of patriotic, but they look cute.

stars and stripey toes
patriotic toes
patriotic toes number 1

These are from a self striping yarn, it did that on it's own. Not a fancy sock, but I have to start somewhere. Madeline likes them.