Tuesday, August 26, 2008

And they're off

I have most of my kids back in school. The preschooler still has until Sep 5, then she goes back, so maybe I can have a little time for something.

My plan today was to clean up the living room, and maybe some knitting. I think I am going to have to wait until the little one naps before I can clean any. Maybe she will let me watch a DVD and knit.

I have gotten all my ravelympics items done.

I made a clapotis for a friend on Ravelry
She didn't want to do it her self. It is a drop stich scarf/shawl knit on the bias, for those of you who don't know. :D

It was sort of fun in a strange sort of way. She gave me a bunch of stitch markeres, and ordered me some yarn to make my own, just for making it for her. How sweet is that? I also got to use they yarn that she picked, purchased and sent to me to make hers. It was Dream in color smooshy. very pretty!

I also finished these mitts, durring the last moments of the ravelympics
intercostalmitts, it's a good thing I am a fast knitter.

Now if I can get caught up on everything else.....

I have a hat to finish for my dad, a bag to make for a bag swap, I signed up for an autumn mitt swap, but can't even choose what I am doing until I know who I have. Oh, and all those stockings I need to finish. I joined a group to dedicate one day a week for unfinished projects. I think my stockings are first priority with that group. :D

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

busy busy busy

I started August off with a test knit, that I am not allowed to show pictures to yet, but it was for my friend from Ravelry Ganiggle. You can find her designs at her website http://www.ganiggle.com/wp/ I was the first tester done, and I won a set of stitch markers. I am so excited. You can see her stitch markers on her site too.

I also used one of her designs for a "Ravelympics" project.

I did "Under the Rose" also found on her website.
I got a little picture for finishing it:


I am now working on a Clapotis for another friend who is going to pay me in yarn! Score! I loves yarn.