Thursday, December 31, 2009

The mitts are in the mail

I have knit two pair of mitts from one of my patterns in opposite colors... I have been spending my Christmas vacation time on this off and on. It also required some attention to the pattern as they are being considered for "publication".

Here they are in their new revamped colors.

Now I need to make another pair of men's fingerless mitts in the same color as last time, and a black hat similar to the one I made for Hal and Madeline wants me to make her some musical fingerless mitts.

Monday, December 28, 2009

I wondered why all my pictures had a blurry spot

There was a fingerprint on my lens!

I finally finished my pair of November Mist mitts. They were supposed to be part of my mom's Christmas gift.... but they will get there tomorrow or the next day. I am going to try and mail them today or tomorrow. She got the one finished one in her wrapped package on Christmas Day with the promise that the next would be worked on.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Booby socks finished Chtistmas Eve.

finished the second one last thing Christmas eve..... Finally!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A day too late

I finally finished grandma's cowl.... won't make it by Christmas.. but that's ok.

one more row please

I have one more row of purl before the bind off on my grandmother's cowl.

Hal gave those fingerless mitts to his coworker, and said he loved them. He said they were the best he had ever seen. each finger had ribbing (he said "that stitch") like an individual little sweater for each finger, and they were super soft. I am glad he liked them. I guess they were a little big, but oh well.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Light at the end of the tunnel

I was going to make a pair of mitts for my Mother In law for Christmas, however I didn't get them done, and they decided to do a drop by this afternoon, so I just gave her the body butter and soap that I traded/ordered from Ganiggle. I gave them the unscented of each. I think I gave the orange soap to my dad's girlfriend, and will give something to my mom, or not, because I do have a pair of socks for her, and have one half a pair of mitts and another half of a pair of socks I can give her and promise the other halves later. (I did last year).

I think I may keep the rest of the body butter and soaps for me.

Almost done with Grandma's cowl, she may even get it for New Year's .

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Men's fingerless gloves finished

I finished these last night.... used size 2 needles because alpaca is sort of stretchy.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Men's fingerless gloves

I am working on some "mens fingerless gloves" in a heathered charcoal color in Alpaca with a twist, baby twist. One done and working on the fingers for the second. I should have it done today. Maybe I can get DH to model them.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


someone who works with my husband wants fingerless glovers, but he wants the knuck kind. I am not fond of making half fingers, but it is certainly possible.. I just need to figure out which pattern to use, and what yarn. A plain worsted weight version, like knucks would be fine. I guess I could look up a plain glove pattern, and make it into half finger fingerless mitts.....

I knit yesterday, really, I did.

As we get closer to Christmas, it is getting harder and harder to get anything done. Yesterday was a terribly busy day for me, I knit some, but decided to send my grandmother's gift withoout the cowl, and will send that on later with pictures of one of my daughters wearing it. I sent the beautiful Vita cloche to my aunt with some award winning chocolate from this area. I also sent pictures of Isabelle wearing it... She tried hard not to smile, because she didn't want to show her braces.

I will update more, later today.

Monday, December 14, 2009

61 cent swap

We had a challenge in the OT FGF group to create a swap package in an envelope, with postage only of 61 cents. This is what I got!


Saturday, December 12, 2009

Working on it, I promise

I am working on the new colors for Twist of Elegance. I am hoping to finish tonight, then I can work on the cowl for my grandma tomorrow.

Friday, December 11, 2009

New plan

I decided to make my grandmother a cowl out of a lighter more peachy yarn that someone sent to me in a swap, it is very very soft.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Last order of the season

I finished my last stocking order of the season. They are drying now. I have another order, but told her I didn't think I could finish before Christmas this year. I might be able to, if she wants to pay full price. She is one of my original stocking people, that paid an extremely low price to have me knit stockings. I have increased my rate, and my husband still thinks I charge to little for custom knitting contracts.

Anyway, I think next I will be making a "cowl me in the morning" for my grandmother, plus I need to finish my re knit of my twist of elegance, which is about 75% done.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Hats ready for lift off!

I finished the last of the hats going to my brother in law's family.

I wrapped them all, an d threw them in a box with a can of Stephen's marshmellow hot chocolate mix. I need to find my packaging tape, and then they are off, to IL.

Here is one last look at all of them.

From Monday at Robin's

On Monday I helped my friend Robin at her store.... which is dangerous, because look what I came home with....

I also got a prize from the Sassy Sheep group on Ravelry yesterday

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Working on a hat

I started the last hat for my husband's brother's family. an orange Goomba hat.

It may take me a couple days to finish as I have so many things on the needles right now.

orange goomba

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Christmas exchange jar

I tried to make my own peppermint bark to go inside but it didn't work out well, so I used the costco stuff. The top is some christmas yarn I found at Joann's croched with v stitch. tied on with a ribon and a bell.

Friday, December 04, 2009

JewelCraft Glass E-Bead 5/0 40gm Product Line Detail

JewelCraft Glass E-Bead 5/0 40gm Product Line Detail

I found a great source for 5/0 seed beads. You have to buy 4 40g tubes at a time, but it is less than $2 a tube. I now have enough to make 6 hats!


Thursday, December 03, 2009

More stocking orders

I had someone call me late last week for a stocking order. I am not sure I can get it done before Christmas... but maybe. I had another paerson contact me on Face Book, wanting more stockings, I told her I was pretty sure I could NOT get any more done before Christmas.

So tomorrow, I should have one done for the order of 4 I am working on. That still leaves one, and I need to start a hat this weekend as well as make peppermint bark and rainbow jello for Saturday... those are my goals for Friday.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Take two!

The rav hunt ended early this morning with the posting of the third clue. Some people are too smart. (Namely Pikkle and Pockeetmouse1189). You guys wait until Monday, I will make it harder!

I finished a full set of a test knit, but will wait until the pattern is live to put the picture up... On with the christmas stockings!

I am reknitting twist of elegance in new more contemporary colors (I hope).

here is what I have

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Next contest is up

I started the next Ravelry treasure hunt in the From Robin's Nest Group on Ravelry.

Monday, November 30, 2009

What happened?

I did some knitting since Thanksgiving, but somehow I didn't have time to blog.

I finished an old test knit for Ganiggle, and one mitt of a new test knit.

I will post the pic of the old one as it is now live.

November mist
a link if you're on Ravelry

Friday, November 27, 2009

Turkey Day Vs. Knitting

Turkey day won.

I didn't get much knitting done yesterday, in fact not much time to blog either.

I did finish a stocking the day before, so I am taking a break from acrylic for a moment and trying to finish a test knit for Ganiggle.

No pictures yet.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

knitting to do list

I am busily knitting on a stocking trying to at least get to the toe, before I go take a shower.

Here is my knitting to do list:

4 ordered stockings (one finished, one almost finished two more to do)

1 scarf for Robin's shop

1 dog stocking (unofficially ordered, may need to wait)

some knitting that Sinclairchili wanted me to do for her, as she can't knit as well
as she wanted after her accident

reknit twist of elegance in more contemporary and available colors

one more Christmas hat (will knit on Sunday)

finish mitts for Mom if I have time

Oh, I suppose I should knit a stocking for my new nephew, but that is last on my to do list at the moment. He's only a week or so old, he won't mind if he doesn't have one this year.

Anything after this is gravy.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Only one left to go

I finished this hat last night right before bed. Ironically the pattern is called "Jesse's Christmas hat" I am giving it to a boy named Daniel though.

Monday, November 23, 2009


I may get a pattern published. I am not sure, and can't share too much about it, so that's all I can say for the moment. Let you know if it happens.

I am one and a half hats away from finishing the great chrismas hat caper. I am in the middle of one for the oldest boy. Will post pics when it's done.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Freakin' huge fake Isle

I usually make hats that are too big for my freakin' huge noggin. This time I did the opposite.

I make the fake Isle hat

I used size 7 needles instead of 6, so it ended up HUGE! I think I am going to frog it, and do it again.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Trying to decide

I am working on a stocking today, but tomorrow I plan on working on a couple hats. Maybe a larger goomba hat in orange, and a navy blue "boyfriend" hat for the 12 yr old boy. That should complete the hats for the family we have for Christmas this year. Throw in a can of Stephen's hot chocolate and call it good, right?

I am trying to decide if I want to make the Vita cloche (previous purple hat) in pink, or grey or brownish grey, or purple again, and what beads would go with it, as I would have to order more beads. Any suggestions?

Friday, November 20, 2009

Hat done, it doesn't fit of course.

I finished the hat last night. It is a beautiful hat, I love it.... It doesn't fit me! I think it has turned into a Christmas gift for my aunt who likes purple.

the designer is going to try and figure out how to make it bigger for me, but then that means I need to order new beads...

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Red cabbage hat

Actually it's the Vita Cloche by Ninaknits on Ravelry. I am linking the designers photo on Flikr.

I pulled out a skein of Purple mystery, cactus flower and pearl ten from my stash, and decided I could use one of those for the hat. I then had to hunt down beads. The elusive 5/0 seed beads. Not to be found in normal stores, only online apparently.

I ordered one that I thought would work with any of the colors I mentioned. When they arrived I decided, with a little help that they would probably go best with the purple mystery malabrigo.

I wanted to take a break from stockings yesterday, so the day before I started to use my ball winder to wind up my malabrigo. I don't own a swift, so I usually use my second daughter, she is the best substitute swift, however, she was in bed. I was trying to do this task by myself, when my husband started talking to me.

I asked if he wouldn't mind helping me. He seemed to think he would do better winding, rather than holding. The only problem was, he was winding too fast for me to be an effective swift, and he suggested that maybe just laying it on the floor might be better. That didn't work. I then suggested maybe he hold, he was an even worse swift than I was. (rolling my eyes now). He thinks my ball winder is silly, and poo poos the idea of even having to wind yarn. I told him that most of the higher quality yarns don't come in a center pull skein. Some do, but not most. He still thinks they should.

When I finished winding my little cake of purple mystery malabrigo, he said it looked like cabbage yarn. The color reminded him of red cabbage...... Men!

Here is my first progress picture of the hat, I am farther now, but don't have a picture yet.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Rav Contest

I couldn't decide if I wanted to share the expereince of trying to wind a ball of Malabrigo with my husband, or if I wanted to share something else. I guess I decided on the something else.

Some of you may know that I am pretty much affiliated with From Robin's Nest Yarn and Crafts. She had me when she said, "Malabrigo", then she started to get in things like Dream in Color, and Zauberball, etc. Such fun yarns. I have to say the Malabrigo has been a big hit. I have more than I ever thought I would.

I have also organized a sock and fingerless mitt club with her, now she also has me running her rav hunt in her Ravelry group. So if you are a member of Ravelry you have to come by and see the weekly rav hunt. If you are a member of her group, and you win...... you get a prize!

Back when I wasn't in charge of it, I won a prize or two. Here's the link.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

knit knit knit

I reached my goal of making two hats this weekend. I actually made 3 because I made one for Hal.

For Hal, he actually requested a seaman's cap without a lump on top like store bought hats. in black....

I think he actually liked it, he was just trying to look like a crusty ol' sailor

The two for my BIL's family are these.

an umbilical cord hat for the new baby boy that was born last week.

a goomba hat for the 2 year old. I am worried that it may be a little small, but don't really care at this point, he can wear a beanie.

I plan to make an orange goomba hat for the 4 year old, and probably either a seamnan's cap or a plain ribbed hat for the 12 year old.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Knit on my friends, Knit on!

I have been knitting for pay instead of pleasure recently. I am not sure how I feel about it. I guess it's still good, I still enjoy knitting, I just need to make sure I don't overextend myself, so that it isn't fun anymore.

I made a bunch of chunky scarves for my Hairdresser's salon, at their open house on the 7th of November. I was also hunted down for Stockings again this year.

I have finished two other stockings and have 4 more to make before Christmas.

I am also working on hats for my husband's brother's family. I have 3 left to do.

I took my friend Sherri to lunch on the 11th and made her this cowl, the day before. I think she liked it.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Can you name this design?

I worked up this scarf to sell in Chad's (my hairdresser) salon. i am thinking of writing up the pattern, but can't think of a name for it.

I could possibly even reward you with a small token of my appreciation if you come up with the decided name. :)

Thursday, October 08, 2009

I did finish some of the socks I was working on last month.

the second sock for the India socks for instance...

Madeline wore them first, then I washed them.... they were not superwash! They felted a little.... Now they belong to Isabelle.

I also finished my yellow mystery socks by Nancy Bush,

I initially gave them to Isabelle because the toe decrease was a little cramped for my foot, Madeline of course wore them first, I then reclaimed them when I gave Isabelle the India socks. Only because I made Madeline socks from yarn she earned from Robin when she was workiing for her this summer...

It isn't the best of pictures, but you get the idea.

Monday, October 05, 2009

Binary A hat

Ok, I have designed a passive aggressive hat....

I think I will post the pattern on line a little later.
I think it looks nice enough that no one will ever consider what the binary meaning is.

download now

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Great Basin Fiber Arts Fair

Robin (From Robin's Nest), invited me to go with her last Saturday to the Great Basin Fiber Arts Fair. We wandered around in the heat and the sun looking at vendor booths. There were people spinning, and selling. A couple alpaca yarns that are local. Even a few rams to pet. I helped Robin look at, and pet some alpaca yarn in very pretty natural colors from a place called "Country Comfy Yarn" Here's a sample

We also discovered a couple of sister Indie Dyers with their own little business called "sassy Sheep" they had some very yummy yarns. I think Robin is going to start carrying both yarns. they also have a podcast that I am currently listening to, very fun gals! Check them out!

Oh, also for those of you who are following the progress on the 4 Seasons Sock and fingerless mitt club, I am sponsoring a contest. If you mention me, my rav name {psst} and your rav name in the special notes of your pre-paid reservation of any part of the club I will draw a name from every 20 people for a free box bag. This is also retro active, just send me a message if you already reserved your spot and I will add you to the list.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Officially having SSS

That would be Second Sock Syndrome.

I am in no hurry to cast on my second Bandelier sock.... I finished my first India Sock and not sure I am in a hurry to cast on the second for that either. I may just finish up some hats and Christmas stockings first.

Pictured is my India sock made from what I think is Knit Picks Bare dyed in "Iron Man" colors by a Karma Yarn Swapee over a year ago. I decided the colors reminded me of India, and I liked the simple lace pattern in Wendy Johnson's "Dead Simple Lace Sock" pattern.

Charlotte wanted to be in the picture. :)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

delaying the inevitable

I worked on clue two most of last night, just thinking I really need to get some christmas stockings done. then this morning, I still need to take a shower before I go get Yvette from school, but I had to finish clue two on my mystery socks!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

where does the time go?

This is the Felicity hat I made with my leftover lettuce malabrigo from my February Lady Sweater. I like it. It is so artfully modeled on Plain Jane my mannequin head. :)

I started a group for the bandeleir socks it is the bandelier socks KAL group on Ravelry.

here is my first sock


I am not sure how I feel about the yarn, or the pattern, the finished product is cute. I still have to weave in all the ends, and start the second sock, but I am taking a break because I got so frustrated.

I also started the mystery sock for sock knitters anonymous it is a Nancy bush sock I am currently working on clue 2.

here is clue one

Clue 1

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

First Sweater in a long time!

I purchased a bit of a malabrigo from "From Robins Nest" several months ago. I finally decided to turn my Lettuce color way into a "February Lady Sweater"

FLS flat


I love it!

Madeline earned some malabrigo in Azalea that she wants me to maker her the same sweater in the 3/4 lenth sleeve version.

I also made a felted bag out of noro, but it's still drying. and i am working on a sock....

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Something else I have been working on

Robin (From Robn's Nest) recruited me into making a sock and Fingerless mitt club

inaugural From Robin's Nest Sock and Fingerless Mitt Club!

**Theme: The four seasons**
This club has designers and indie dyers found here on Rav.
**winter: January 2010**
sock design telmahq
mitt design: Knitasaur
dyer: Jaylyn
**Spring: April 2010**
sock designer: meplz
mitt designer Snapper
dyer twilightknits
**Summer: July 2010**
sock designer Hunter
mitt designer MsChris
dyer: theCraftsMeow
**Fall: October 2010**
sock design: nano514
mitt design stefaniegr
dyer yohopaulie

We have are just about ready to take orders on the sock/mitt
club contact fromrobinsnest (ravname) to order, I think she will have it on her website soon. We will have limited spaces, but will try to take as many people into the club as we can.

You can choose to go either with the sock portion, the mitt portion, or both.

Sock club: $220
Mitt club: $120
Together: $300 and you get a box bag and $40 off

both kits will come with yarn and pattern and a seasonal goody bag that will most likely contain stitch markers and something else seasonally related)

Pay all upfront and get 10% off and free shipping
or you can pay per season.

I am so excited about this!

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Socks, socks, some more socks, oh and other stuff

I have gotten into sock knitting. I really enjoy it.

I made a pair of Baudelaire socks designed by Cookie A. out of some tofutsie yarn I bought on my birthday.


Then I got the Sock Innovations book by cookie A.
and then I made some Kai-mei socks from that book for a green Knit A Long, using some grasshopper colorway in Knit picks essential kettle dyed.

Then Madeline thought it was high time I knit her some socks, with pockets in them! She earned some cherry tree hill supersock solid in turquoise to match some DC shoes I got her for school next year.


In the midst of all this I was involved in a sock showdown for one of my groups on Ravelry. These are the socks I knit for DJDuckee


I was almost the first to "assassinate" my target, but her mailman was lazy! stupid mailman!

I also received two pair of socks

I got this pair from SusanB-Knits in exchange for making her a crochet hook roll.

I am modeling them with my new pair of converse that I got to wear at the family reunion next week.

I also met my demise in the sock showdown with this beautiful pair of socks.

Well that seems to be all socks, where is the other stuff, you ask? I have to say that's a good question. I did start another clapotis made with wollmeise yarn that belongs to Smurfie, for smurfie. I am about half way though it now. woohoo! I also started another pair of socks and a february lady sweater to work on while at the family reunion.