Monday, May 19, 2008


I helped a fellow knitter/fingerless glove fanatic out by taking measurements of my hands, and posting them on her blog

As a bonus to giving her research material, she is running a contest to give away some nice yarn to a random entrant. How do you enter? Go to her blog, take the measurements of your hands, post, and of course say I sent you. :D

So Proud!

I know everyone is going to be tired of this purse, but I am so proud, especially since I am all done, lining and all.

Q2 all done
pockets in purse
Here is a better picture of the pockets I put in the lining.

I am almost done with the first glove of my second pair of Bronte mitts.

I am knitting these with a cotton, rayon silk blend. The twists in this yarn tend to unravel a bit while knitting, which can cause a problem with some of the lace knitting, as you pull it over other stitches to create the "holes". I like the navy color though, and the yarn is very soft.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Almost done

q2 bag and fabric

I finally finished knitting this bag. I also finished sewing the lining. I just need to sew it in. I should be able to ship it out to my swap partner next week. woohooo!

I really like this bag. I hope she likes it too.

only tacking left
I was trying to get a picture of the little pockets I put into the lining. I was so proud of myself! Like I said, I really hope she likes this... I am tempted to keep it for myself.

On the christmas stocking front....

here are my notes from Ravelry. This feature has been very nice for keeping track of what I need to do.


I have about 15 of these to make, friends have asked for them.

I have made: Sarah, Mom, Dad, Andrew, Ashley
Working on: Anna
Have left to do:
Eva, John, Gemma, Ben, Neil, Kirstie, Josh, and Lucie, Heather

Friday, May 09, 2008

Hat finished and delivered.

She said she loved it. I think I want to make her a cute, more feminine one later. However, this is a good start.


I also finished the Bronte Mitts. Isabelle claimed them. I think I am going to make them again, in a navy silk/cotton blend for me.


Thursday, May 08, 2008

starts and finishes

I finished the Bronte mitts and will have one of the kids help me take a picture later. I also frantically finished that pair of monkey mitts, and sent it off with 10 other packages yesterday. I didn't even get a picture. :(

I started a chemo hat for Lily. It is going to be a floppy brimmed hat. If she hates it, I am sure one of my kids will take it. I also have some other yarns coming my way courtesy of the Karma Yarn swap. Yay!
Here's the hat so far.


Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Ideas anyone?

I just found out that a neighbor, who had two daughters that match the ages of two of my daughters, is going through chemo therapy. She hasn't lost her hair yet, but she will. I want to make her a hat, but worry about what to make it with, since summer is coming. She is also on 44 years old, so I want to make a cute hat. Anyone have ideas for pattern or yarn?

Monday, May 05, 2008

The Mailman came bearing gifts!

I wish I could have taken a picture of him. His arms were loaded with little packages! Ok, one of them was the item my daughter ordered from Amazon with her GC her Papa sent her, but the rest were goodies for me!

I got two packages of yarn, and a package from my Chunky Monkey swap partner. She is totally awesome! This is the best package I have ever gotten.

She sent me some stuff from, which I haven't figured out yet, I think they are either bath salts or soap. Some candles, some nail polish, some manicure cream, some awesome dark chocolate. YUM! A pair of really cute wrist warmers, and a skein of Malabrigo yarn that she wound into a cake for me. Oh my gosh, I nearly swooned.

jillygirls swap to me
mits from jillygirl
And here is the Karma yarn swap items. I think I may have missed a couple days of posting the gifts I have gotten through that group. Oh, well it can be too much to keep track of some times. I have a little notebook, and think I have forgotten to list all of them.

monday karma

Stupid yarn obsession

I have been totally addicted to the Karma Yarn Swap. The good thing, is I think I traded out just about all my grandma's yarn for yarn that other people didn't need anymore, and I have a whole new stash that is exciting and new. I also have been making stitch markers, well just 3 and half sets. I have traded two, and still have one, that I am holding in case one of the things I have offered to trade, isn't accepted, and I need to switch out, and I don't have enough nice credits.

I also got going on the Knit-a-long for the Fingerless Glove Fanatics group, for Bronte mitts. I have one done.

and with Isabelle wearing them.
bronteon isabelle

I made another pair of Monkey Morning Mitts, and sent them to someone on a swap, as well as offering a pair in a trade. I guess I had better hurry and make those and send. Good thing they only take me a day to make.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Drum roll please! The winner is...

OK, I had a lot of great entries into my "What would you do with this yarn" contest. In fact I will list some of them. A couple people suggested lacy feminine gloves or fingerless gloves. Examples here and here There were suggestions for a lace scarf and a lacy cowel. There were also suggestions for loosely knit sweaters, and shrugs. One person even offered a "Cuddle Bunny" as a suggestion and the winner is Tonks with her knitted wedding. She said she would make a mermaid shrug for her bridesmaid, and lace on the bottom of the bottom of her dress.

So tonks if you want the yarn, give me a holler, and we'll work something out.

Thank you everyone for your participation. This was fun, I will have to do it again.

Tonks, I hope you would consider sharing pictures of the finished product with us.

Friday, May 02, 2008

A party in my mailbox!

I got 4 Karma yarn swap packages yesterday! Woohoo!

even more karma

On the contest front. I have several entries, that are fabulous! Thank you to everyone who entered. My girls and I are going to try to decide a winner this weekend.