Monday, October 09, 2006

Childhood trips to the dentist

This is a picture of my second to youngest child. She had her first dentist appointment a couple weeks ago. She hopped right into the dentist chair and opened her mouth wide. There was no coaching from mom, surprisingly enough. She just did it! I am not sure how she knew, but she did. Afterward the dentist gives the kids a little plastic shopping bag with their new toothbrush, a sample size tube of toothpaste, a plastic princess flosser, a set of vampire teeth, and a prize they have picked out themselves.

I don't remember getting so many things from my dentist. Am I the only one? This is nice, we get a new toothbrush, but she, being only 2, has gone through the bag and played with everything that was in it. I think we saved the toothbrush, but I had to throw the toothpaste away, for fear of it being squeezed out all over the leather interior of our vehicle.


One Sassy Princess said...

what is a princess flosser?

Tracy said...

I just discovered this comment. d'oh

It was like these, but pink, with a Disney Princess sticker on it.