Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Kitchen angel gift idea

fold the arms and done

Here is the angel, now I will try to show how you make it.


One kitchen hand towel
One matching kitchen washcloth
one knit or crocheted kitchen washcloth.
A piece of ribbon
a pin or safety pin.

You will want to make a kitchen wash cloth from cotton prefferably. Any pattern you choose. In the past I have crocheted them using the pattern in the ball band. I knit this one using a lace pattern, (I messed it up a little, but ssshhh).

When your washcloth is done, take your hand towel, and fold the center section in like so,
fold middle in
you might want to take your piece of ribbon and tie it around the top after you fold it over, here:
fold over for the head

roll your matching manufactured washcloth from corner to corner, like so:
roll the arms

Slide this up under the tied off section of the head, between the two halves of the towel.
arm placement
(please excuse the fact that I did not tie off the head in this picture)

Fan fold your knit or crocheted washcloth, like so:
folded wings and place it on the back of the "doll" above where you tied off your head, cross your ribbon over the wings
ribbon in back
then bring them around the front under the arms and tie a bow.
tie ribbon in front
Fold the arms in front and pin them.

fold the arms and done

attach the following poem to the angel

I am your kitchen angel
to watch over those who come through
When I get dirty and have lost my glow
pull my strings and a cleanin' we'll go!


Sherri said...

You made me one of these once and it was so cute I couldn't take it apart. It's in the Christmas stuff and every year I pull it out to see. I love it!

Tracy said...

Oh, so i can't give you this one for Christmas this year, oops....