Thursday, December 10, 2009

Last order of the season

I finished my last stocking order of the season. They are drying now. I have another order, but told her I didn't think I could finish before Christmas this year. I might be able to, if she wants to pay full price. She is one of my original stocking people, that paid an extremely low price to have me knit stockings. I have increased my rate, and my husband still thinks I charge to little for custom knitting contracts.

Anyway, I think next I will be making a "cowl me in the morning" for my grandmother, plus I need to finish my re knit of my twist of elegance, which is about 75% done.

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Wendy Ganiggle said...

Your stockings look great Tracy! I agree with charging full price. Your stockings are beautiful and you should be paid fairly for your time and skill!