Wednesday, August 04, 2010

I finally made some fingerless gloves

It has been a while, but I test knit this lovely pattern for Corvidae. I used some left over mini mochi, and chose not to try to match the stripes I like the effect.

I have been using my childrens' t-shirts as a backdrop.

When one was done, we used Madeline's vampire t-shirt

When they were both done, we used Isabelle's s'more t-shirt

I also started the first pattern in the Chrissy Gardiner CSK I am having fun so far!

i am using some Chameleon Colorworks yarn in the lavender fields color way.


Anonymous said...

I love fingerless gloves! I've been meaning to try some fingerless glove crochet patterns myself. I like that the gloves don't match. Oh and I don't know who Corvidae is, but its a very pretty name. Very unique. Haha.

SusanB-knits said...

Love the mitts! I'd have to have them match though. Mine are almost done. I like Corvidae's patterns!!