Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Working backwards

I have been so caught up in the beginning of school, I haven't been posting my finished projects. I have been knitting so never fear, I haven't quit. If I did, I am not sure what would happen to me. hahaha

Anyway, I will start with one of my more recent finished projects and work my way backwards.

I finished this slouchy hat/ beret recently. I made it out of Dream in Color Classy Happy forest. The pattern is called Tuscan leaves. I have given it the name of Tuscan Leaves in a Happy Forest. I think it is very cute, I blocked it a little too big, but I think it will come in a little if I wash it.

Isabelle took the picture for me.

I tried to take this one myself.

This is what it looked like before blocking.

this is what it looked like while it was blocking.

And this is it on my mannequin head, that had her poor nose smashed when we moved.

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