Sunday, October 24, 2010


This is Boo the malabrigo bat!

I have been doing some christmas knitting too, but can't post any of that, because I don't know who actually reads the blog.

But to celebrate halloween here is boo!

I thought I would come in after the fact and add a little more detail about Boo.

Boo is a pattern that has been around for a while. I am not certain how long. I have been wanting to make one for about two years. The pattern is a Mochomochiland creation. If you like toys these are some of my favorites, by Anna Hrachovec. She also designed the grouchy couch from previous posts. I have that book. It's very cute, and there are a few designs in it I still want to make.

You can find the pattern for Boo at ravelry here

If you want to see Ann's website, you can find it here.

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