Friday, November 05, 2010

Hands across Ravelry Scarf

I'm sort of proud of this project. so I will share.

There is more detail if you are a member of Ravelry and can see this thread

However this is the abridged version.

I got some fleece from a ravelry member named Curlie. She had my name in a secret swap, and stalked me enough on Ravelry to see that I was contemplating learning to use a drop spindle, and was looking into aquiring some roving to do it with. Her boyfriend's family owns a sheep farm in Norther California. So she got me 8 oz of raw fleece.

It looked like this

I hung onto this fleece for about a year trying to get the nerve to wash it, but then what, how was I to card it? I finally decided that I really was not interested in spinning. Uneven rough spun yarn didn't reallly interest me.

Then I got the idea that maybe I could trade some services with another Ravelry member "Scullerymaid", and maybe she would card and spin the yarn for me. She agreed then suggested we start a whole thread that encompassed the wool from start to finish. Fabulous idea!
After spinning it looked like this:

Then when it was suggested I dye the wool after spinning, I said, ok I can use kool aid.... Snapper, another Ravelry member jumped in and offered to dye the yarn. She used her creativity to make this exclusive color way.

I got the yarn, caked it, then knit a pattern suggested by JenDeJour (another Ravelry member)
I, like the other people in this chane chronicled all my activites with the yarn, and here is the finished object.


SusanB-knits said...

Beautiful! What fun to have a journal of the fleece to finished project.

Sherri said...

I like the Vogue shot of you at the end!

Tracy said...

That's the kind of picture you get when you use a mirror and the crop function. hehe

Mylena said...

Omgosh!!! Your wool turned out great! I own a Corriedale sheep, and I am going to shear her this spring!