Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I feel accomplished!

I finished the socks for the designer on Thursday, and mailed them off on Friday, she got them on Monday and said they looked good. Yay! I will post pictures when the pattern is released.

I also finished my first shawl, or shawlette (smaller with short row shaping). It is a pattern provided for free for From Robin's Nest yarn, ravelry group members. It is only free until the 15th of May so if you want to join in, hurry.

I made it with sock yarn instead of lace weight. I also used a size US6 needle instead of the 7 (couldn't find it). I used gunmetal 6/0 beads which I loved the way the went with the Rayon Vert Malabrigo sock (which were supposed to be Rick socks, but the pattern thwarted me yet again!

I finished knitting it yesterday, and blocked it over night. I think if I make it again in sock weight I will definitely use the US7 or maybe even US8 and use a really stretchy Cast On. I think I might even be able to handle this pattern in lace weight. who knows.

Here is the close up.

I am very pleased, I just wish it weren't raining so I could have taken an outside picture.

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SusanB-knits said...

Beautiful shawl! I need to make one but I've been side-tracked by socks! (or is kidnapped by socks?!) (or maybe addicted to knitting socks?!?)