Monday, February 11, 2008

Knitting OCD, and the quilt

I had the bright idea to make Hal a hat for Valentine's day. Cute, right. hand made, from the heart. I even went to the trouble of finding an existing pattern, then modifying it with a design I like, a Norwegian snow flake. I love those!

So here it is:

snowflake beanie

It's too small! then he tells me he wouldn't want a hat anyway. POOP! What do I do now?

On the other hand I made a black kitty hat for Yvette, and finished quilting that quilt for the auction. I am about 90% done with the quilt. I have to make some stockings for some friends, and I think I keep putting them off. don't worry guys I will get them done! I have a couple months, right?

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