Sunday, July 06, 2008

4th of July lazyness

I decided we would just have a lazy day at home. We didn't drag the kids out to the infatables at the park, we didn't go to any sales, no fun-runs. I sat around and knitted. I finished two projects though.

This hat
chemo pi hat
I went with the green button. I was going to put two dragonflies on, but they didn't look as great as I wanted.

And this summery lace scarf for my mother's birthday.

It's made with Bernat Soy yarn, that I got from Karma Yarn Swap. I hope she likes it. What you do with a scarf in the dead heat of summer I don't know, but it's pretty.

I also started a pair of fingerless mitts for a knit a long. I think I am going to make as many fingerless mitts as I can before Christmas, then the kids can choose from them as gifts for their teachers.

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