Friday, July 18, 2008

Slow knitting

I tried to finish up my merletto mitts. I went an extra repeat on the pattern, so the second glove is bigger. I am going to have to go pluck and frog it to the right size. Not really looking forward to it. They are pretty gloves, but I am not find of the pattern. They are going in my grab box for teacher's gifts. I am making a box for the kids to grab a Christmas gift for their teachers this year. I figure I need to make anywhere from 6-12 mitts. I have 3 pair in it already, I believe.

I started on a chemo cap made from funfur for my neighbor. I feel like I am knitting a wig.

My mitt pattern is fun to watch on Ravelry. I have sold 3 copies already. 19 people have marked it as a favorite (people I don't know), and it is in 8 queues to knit. Very exciting for me. I still have two more designs floating in my head. Hopefully I will get to them sometime.

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