Thursday, July 10, 2008

I finished something!

It seems I keep casting on, and not finishing too much. I did finish two projects on the 4th of July, which gave me some joy, but other than that, it's been too hot to seriously finish anything, but I guess not to start thing.

So instead of going to a movie yesterday, because i didn't want to leave the kids unattended in the furnace we call a house, I stayed home and finished these
kermitts done

My goal is to make a bunch of fingerless mitts and put them in a box or something, and the kids can pick and choose them for Christmas gifts for their teachers this next year. I think it will very unlikely that we will have any male teachers (since there is only one in 5th grade, and i won't have a 5th grader) and I only suggest a gift for the core teacher in middle school. However, there will be 3 preschool teachers, and the teacher's aides so I figure I need 9-12 pairs of mitts.

So far, I think I have 2 pair, maybe 3.

I am putting these in that box as well as the two toned cabled ones I tested for Knitasaur.

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