Saturday, January 31, 2009

Planning for the future

Well, sort of. I plan to knit a lace weight stole in February, so have been trying to get some other things out of the way. So I signed up for the lace weight knit-a-long, then I go ahead and organize a hat KAL, and join a mitt KAL for February as well. I must be insane. So in the meantime, I cleaned up any open claims/mailing I had in Karma Yarn Swap, those are all out, I think. one of them was a needle roll, with a side trade for a crochet hook roll, she wanted the hello kitty fabric that I had to hunt down and buy the last of last month, before the store went out of business.

I think the crochet hook roll came out rather well.

I also tried to knock out a couple chemo caps in honor of a rav friend who underwent treatment for breast cancer this past week,

here those are.
black and white snowflake hat

the second one is modeled both by me (in the mirror) and by Isabelle, who can wear anything and make it look good.

I also did a test knit for Snapper, some lovely cabled mitts, you can find her blog in my blog roll
willow wear done

I sent the cute pink mitts to my friend who underwent surgery. I figured she could use them when she starts Chemo.

I also sent her this pink elephant that I knit for no good reason.

Madeline, my oldest did the embroidery.

Ok, now I am going to cheat a little and cast on for my hat, and see how much I can get done on that, as I can't cast on for the stole until Monday.

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smariek said...

That's a cute elephant. My mitts will look just like yours -- same color -- I just need to find another ball of that yarn so I can start the 2nd mitt of the pair.