Tuesday, November 17, 2009

knit knit knit

I reached my goal of making two hats this weekend. I actually made 3 because I made one for Hal.

For Hal, he actually requested a seaman's cap without a lump on top like store bought hats. in black....

I think he actually liked it, he was just trying to look like a crusty ol' sailor

The two for my BIL's family are these.

an umbilical cord hat for the new baby boy that was born last week.

a goomba hat for the 2 year old. I am worried that it may be a little small, but don't really care at this point, he can wear a beanie.

I plan to make an orange goomba hat for the 4 year old, and probably either a seamnan's cap or a plain ribbed hat for the 12 year old.

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Wendy said...

You've been going pretty crazy with the hats! They look great. 2 days in a row of posting. Can you make it 30? Dun dun DUUUNNNNN!