Thursday, November 19, 2009

Red cabbage hat

Actually it's the Vita Cloche by Ninaknits on Ravelry. I am linking the designers photo on Flikr.

I pulled out a skein of Purple mystery, cactus flower and pearl ten from my stash, and decided I could use one of those for the hat. I then had to hunt down beads. The elusive 5/0 seed beads. Not to be found in normal stores, only online apparently.

I ordered one that I thought would work with any of the colors I mentioned. When they arrived I decided, with a little help that they would probably go best with the purple mystery malabrigo.

I wanted to take a break from stockings yesterday, so the day before I started to use my ball winder to wind up my malabrigo. I don't own a swift, so I usually use my second daughter, she is the best substitute swift, however, she was in bed. I was trying to do this task by myself, when my husband started talking to me.

I asked if he wouldn't mind helping me. He seemed to think he would do better winding, rather than holding. The only problem was, he was winding too fast for me to be an effective swift, and he suggested that maybe just laying it on the floor might be better. That didn't work. I then suggested maybe he hold, he was an even worse swift than I was. (rolling my eyes now). He thinks my ball winder is silly, and poo poos the idea of even having to wind yarn. I told him that most of the higher quality yarns don't come in a center pull skein. Some do, but not most. He still thinks they should.

When I finished winding my little cake of purple mystery malabrigo, he said it looked like cabbage yarn. The color reminded him of red cabbage...... Men!

Here is my first progress picture of the hat, I am farther now, but don't have a picture yet.

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