Wednesday, November 25, 2009

knitting to do list

I am busily knitting on a stocking trying to at least get to the toe, before I go take a shower.

Here is my knitting to do list:

4 ordered stockings (one finished, one almost finished two more to do)

1 scarf for Robin's shop

1 dog stocking (unofficially ordered, may need to wait)

some knitting that Sinclairchili wanted me to do for her, as she can't knit as well
as she wanted after her accident

reknit twist of elegance in more contemporary and available colors

one more Christmas hat (will knit on Sunday)

finish mitts for Mom if I have time

Oh, I suppose I should knit a stocking for my new nephew, but that is last on my to do list at the moment. He's only a week or so old, he won't mind if he doesn't have one this year.

Anything after this is gravy.

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