Monday, May 05, 2008

Stupid yarn obsession

I have been totally addicted to the Karma Yarn Swap. The good thing, is I think I traded out just about all my grandma's yarn for yarn that other people didn't need anymore, and I have a whole new stash that is exciting and new. I also have been making stitch markers, well just 3 and half sets. I have traded two, and still have one, that I am holding in case one of the things I have offered to trade, isn't accepted, and I need to switch out, and I don't have enough nice credits.

I also got going on the Knit-a-long for the Fingerless Glove Fanatics group, for Bronte mitts. I have one done.

and with Isabelle wearing them.
bronteon isabelle

I made another pair of Monkey Morning Mitts, and sent them to someone on a swap, as well as offering a pair in a trade. I guess I had better hurry and make those and send. Good thing they only take me a day to make.

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