Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Ideas anyone?

I just found out that a neighbor, who had two daughters that match the ages of two of my daughters, is going through chemo therapy. She hasn't lost her hair yet, but she will. I want to make her a hat, but worry about what to make it with, since summer is coming. She is also on 44 years old, so I want to make a cute hat. Anyone have ideas for pattern or yarn?


JustApril said...

Usually the chemo hats are made out of something like baby cotton. Breathable and not itchy. I've found stuff like that at JoAnn's on occasion, but a LYS should have something similar (and probably better) too

Tracy said...

I did get some of this:
in pink from karma yarn swap. The company had a chemo cap design contest with the yarn, so I have great hopes for it.

Krystal said...

I agree, baby cotton would be great. as far as patterns... I'm not sure how it would look in cotton, but people make koolhaas.