Monday, April 28, 2008

More yarn obsessions

I have gotten a couple packages already from the Karma Yarn Swap group.

KYS gifts
The grey was an addition, when the sender realized that she didn't have two full skeins of the pink she offered. So I got a bonus. Are you noticing any theme here? I seem to claim pink yarn above others. I still have more coming. According to my list I have two different sets of stitch markers coming , some pink vintage yarn, pink acrylic yarn with some Canadian candy, a pattern book, some light pink yarn from a reverse swap (which means I am sending a prize back to the sender--I am making something special), some knit picks pallet, which I don't believe is pink, some swish super wash, not pink, classic elite, which is pink.

I have also sent out the yarn pictured below with the chocolate bar. Two different sets of crochet magazines, some softee yarn, and today I have 4 packages ready to go. Two with Heilo one with some magazines and a skein of thick and quick, and one with some fun fur and some thick and quick. I think I am just about out of things to offer. The baby yarn and beads haven't been claimed so I think they may stay here. Maybe I can throw in a candy bar....

Oh, and I have the ears done on the elephant, just not ON elephant.

Elephant ears


Krystal said...

I LOVE That elephant! He's so cute. I just bought an elephant pattern from etsy that I'm looking forward to making for one of my best friends, who collects elephant stuffed animals. I love the colors! So unique.

I too have a problem with pink yarn... in fact, I have a problem with pink everything. :)

I love sws, it's my favorite yarn. Any ideas what you're going to do with your new yarn?

essjay said...

What a great way to get new yarn and get rid of stuff that just doesn't do it for you! That elephant is just TO cute - I'm going to have to make one for my elephant loving husband!