Friday, April 04, 2008

What have I been knitting?

I finished the two 9 inch squares and sent them off to be assembled into afghans for the two girls that lost their father.

I have also made 3 6 inch squares for the girls in the other car. Two girls lost their mother, and a friend. A very sad situation on all sides. I just wanted to help.

I also made my first pair of real socks. Madeline had originally wanted some really baby looking yarn, but I Veto'd that, and said this was ok. Sort of patriotic, but they look cute.

stars and stripey toes
patriotic toes
patriotic toes number 1

These are from a self striping yarn, it did that on it's own. Not a fancy sock, but I have to start somewhere. Madeline likes them.


Alipurr said...

i really like them, too

Tracy said...

Thank you.