Friday, April 11, 2008

Using up some stashed yarn

I have a self imposed yarn ban. Meaning I can't buy any yarn until I use some of what I have stashed. I have some strange yarn stashed, as I received it from my grandmother. I really don't mind using it, but that means that I have to find appropriate patterns for the yarn. I have a 2nd Quarter bag swap, and it seemed my intended recipient wouldn't mind a bag made from my strange stash, so I found a pattern and gauged a yarn that I thought was a peachy color, as the recipient likes Orange. As I have been knitting, and I am probably about a 3rd of the way through, my kids tell me that the yarn is hot pink. I still think it is more of a salmon color than pink, but guess I have to be corrected. So as I wait to see if the recipient hates the color, I will post what I have started. If she does hate it, no worries, I think I will like it or one of my girls, and I will find something else for her.
Q2 swap1
Q2 swap2
Q2 swap3
I included a skein of red yarn, and a popular knitting book to give an idea of color....

Any opinions, anyone?


essjay said...

The yarn looks pink to me, but that could be the camera too!

Ganiggle said...

It looks awesome! i love the cables, you did them amazingly!

Tracy said...

Thank you, it turns out the swapee likes the color fine, so I am going with it.

This project hurts my hands, so I took a break, I am only about 1/3 done.

baronreads said...

I would say the yarn is coral. It's a beautiful color though!